Lucidity are LemonDog Champions!

Mon 25th May 2015 - 12:43pm : Gaming

Team Lucidity come up top as they defeat many top tier teams within the UK! After qualifying to the quarterfinals with confident big wins (Lucidity Wins Found Here), Lucidity knew it wasnt going to be an easy ride. 

The first game was a fantastic best of 3 series VS, The game was extreamly close with Lucidity managing to bring the 2nd map to a close 16:14 after losing the first map, the final map was played and the results where 2-1 to Lucidity.

Lucidity had made it to the semifinals and they faced team, A-Laget, The team went hard and closed the series out 2 maps to 0.

Team Lucidity vs Rabbit Waggon! Another extreamly close game, where both teams played amazingly well, Lucidity went to close the game out 2 maps to 1 to become Lemondogs Tour3 Champions! GG and WP to all!





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