Lucidity.CSGO Qualify Undefeated - EEG Main.

Fri 1st May 2015 - 8:02am

On April 28th Team Lucidity.CSGO played the qualifier stages for the European Elite Gamers CSGO Main Tournament, If you have been following us at Team Lucidity you may have seen the UK squad play the Invitational that European Elite Gamers hosted back in March that saw Lucidity.UK progress from the group stages undefeated with a perfect score, Lucidity.UK left the tournament as quarterfinalists at our first ever Invitational tournament, great result.

Game One: Lucidity vs Playcasters.

After seeing PlayCasters perform very well within the invitational mentioned above, Lucidity went in with their wits about them and played the game maybe a bit too cautiously. After what was looking like a loss, Lucidity fought hard, stood there ground and brought the game to end 15-15.

Game Two: Lucidity vs Vertyas Gaming.

After coming out against PlayCasters disappointed Lucidity knew they had to prove themselves and went in strong dominating the game with a 13-2 lead on a Terrorist side start on cache. Lucidity then went to close the game out in the early rounds of the second half, finishing the game with a 16-2 win.

Game Three: Lucidity vs Playcasters, the rematch.

Due to PlayCasters also winning their second game within the qualifying stages it ment Lucidity and PlayCasters would face one another yet again, this time, the winner qualifying and the loser leaving the tournament. Lucidity took Charge of the game very early starting on the favoured CT side of Inferno, The game ended 16-5 to team lucidity.

Very well played to both Verytas Gaming and PlayCasters.




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